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Geschreven door Administrator   
vrijdag, 03 juni 2011 18:46

Since a couple of days our weather station is providiing live data for the website (just as we had one in Werkendam). This one is just a little more advanced from a technology point of view. Internet has more possibilities, so that is why you should (regularly) check the Weather link on our site. With the Actual Weather link you will be able to view the real-time weather in our yard...

Living in Aix has its advantages for the majority of days as far as the weather is concerned. That this is not always true has been proven without any doubt today:

The Weather today...

Throughout the Provence, records have been broken!

Laatst aangepast op zondag, 05 juni 2011 18:07
Elite Casting PDF Afdrukken E-mail
Geschreven door Alexander   
zondag, 03 april 2011 00:00

Judith 13On Wednesday 30 March 2011 Judith participated for the first time in a modelling competiition.

The preparations started two weeks ago with a photoshoot that took place in the garden of one of our friends. Thank you Nathalie for hosting this memorable event (...) A week later she received the training on how she is supposed to walk on the runway, like a cat (only on 2" high heels). That really was new for her. First question: where to get the shoes as she has nothing like that in her (already respecable) shoe collection. Fortunately Rosanne was able to help her out, as it appeared that they have the same shoe size (!)

As none of us were really satisfied with the photos taken by the professional photographer, we decided to give it another try in our yard and selected the best picture to present Judith at the casting.

The entry regulation clearly stated: from 172 cm and 14 years of age. That reduced her chances to a minimum of course, but nevertheless, by letting her participate, she was able to experience this amazing event and for starters, hosted by the largest and most prestigious modelling agency in the world. And just remember where names like Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Karen Mulder have set their first steps on the catwalk and entered the wordl of fashion...

:) The pictures can (as usual) be found in our photogallery on this site.

Laatst aangepast op zondag, 03 april 2011 19:43
Judith's 13th PDF Afdrukken E-mail
Geschreven door Alexander   
zaterdag, 26 maart 2011 14:32

Judith turned 13. And as parents we can say that we are very proud that we have been able to keep her well enough to become the wonderful girl she is today.

Judith 13

On her birthday Judith woke up to the sound of the singing voices of her sisters and parents. After this first birthday gift and after she had successfully openend her eyes, it was her job to open the presents. She got lots of them. And when she received an e-mail from her grandfather in Mexico with his approval to attack a giftshop with her father's credit card, her day could not have started any better. She had a lot of fun with cake and other goodies at school and in the afternoon she had her regular friday-session with horseback-riding.

On the day after she went to train how to perform a near perfect 'catwalk'. More on that will follow in a next article. In the afternoon our garden was filled with cars from friends and (near) family who had joined us for the big birthday party. After a wonderful time they all went their ways and leaving us with almost no left-overs. Great planning again by the lady of the house!

The pictures can be found in our photogallery on this site.

Laatst aangepast op zaterdag, 26 maart 2011 20:40
Aixoise PDF Afdrukken E-mail
Geschreven door Alexander   
zondag, 31 oktober 2010 14:34

HalloweenLiving in Aix brings the best out of (some) people. We do realize this after being here for five months. With all the socializing you do around here, some statements must be made. So, while it is not the same as a complete make-over, it is still nice to surprise once in a while.

Rosanne had a visit to the hairdresser and this is the result:

Not bad at all.

Laatst aangepast op donderdag, 10 februari 2011 16:57
Winter in Holland PDF Afdrukken E-mail
Geschreven door Administrator   
zondag, 31 oktober 2010 14:34

HalloweenDuring the last weeks of 2010 we travelled to The Netherlands to celebrate Christmas with our family and friends. Alexander has already booked his flight for this trip in August as it was supposed to be the return flight to Amsterdam. (un)Fortunately Mother Nature had other plans here and decided that snow was going to be on the ground.

This meant that the airplane that was going to be used for the flight from Marseille to Amsterdam was not able to leave Amsterdam. So, a change in our travel itinerary was necessary and we decided to travel together in the car and tackle all weather challenge as they came along. As a matter of fact, this trip was quite uneventful and it took us less than 12 hours to complete the journey. The more to the North we got, the more snow we saw. We arrived in 'our' house in Werkendam without any problems.

During this week we had quite a few parties and reunions planned. Of course Alexander had to celebrate his birthday (again) with the Dutchies and after that we had a great Christmas celebration with diners at Opa Thijs's house. It was great!

On 26 December we went to our old dancing school "Akkerman", where Rosanne and I met and danced together, exactly 20 years ago.

After these beautiful days with wonderful people we returned to Aix, just iin time for the next celebration

Laatst aangepast op dinsdag, 01 februari 2011 20:22
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